Dha Hanu (Aryan Valley)

Journey to the land of the Aryans

DHA HANU (The land of Aryans)
Situated to the south west of Leh,the scape covers the beautiful villages of Kaltsey, Domkhar, Skurbuchan and Achinathang. Of the many, only two villages of Dha and Hanu are open only for tourist.
The valley is home to Drokpa Community said to be descendants Aryans which is pure Indo Aryan feature and they have preserved their racial purity down the Centuries Their culture and religious practices are very similar to ancient pre- Buddhist religion known as Bon-Chos.
Dha and Hanu are two villages situated in the Dhahanu valley, about 163 km northwest of Leh in Ladakh. Being at a lower altitude, Dha and Hanu are warmer than Leh.