Lakes of Ladakh

Journey to the finest high altitude lakes in the Himalayas

Pangong Tso
The Pangong Lake is 160 kilometer from Leh and offers spectacular views of the region. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the color of the lake changes shades throughout the day. This famous blue brackish lake is located on the India China border and is approximately 5 kms wide and over 144 kms long. Majority of the lake body falls in the Chinese territory. Spangmik, the farthest point to which visitors are permitted, is only some seven kilometer along the southern shore from the head of the lake and you can view the Changchenmo range, their reflections shimmering in the ever-changing blues and greens of the lake’s brackish waters.

Tso Moriri Lake
The Tsomoriri Lake is a beautiful mountain bounded expanse of water, around 240 Kms. from Leh in Rupsho Valley. The Lake is located at 14,000 ft. near a small village of Korzok. The Korzok Monastery of 19th century, houses Shakyamuni Buddha and other statues. Nomadic people grazing their  herd of goats and yaks makes for an outstanding feature of this area,


Tso Kar Lake
Tso Kar – The smallest of the three high altitude alpine lakes in Ladakh region is situated in Rapshu in the southern part of Ladakh.Not far from the famous Tso moriri Lake is Tso Kar Lake.The Tso-Kar Lake also known as ‘White Lake’
The nomadic people Changpas are most outstanding feature of this area. They can be seen moving from one place to other grazing herds of goats, sheep and yaks. Changpas pass their days with their animals and move with their flocks, their only wealth from pasture to pasture according to changing season. Their flocks, their yaks, and goat’s hair furnish the raw material of which they make their ropes, their clothes and shoes. All day long men and women are busy milking, churning the milk into butter, making ropes, weaving mats and other fabrics. These people have been completely beyond the pale of all civilizing influences. Even towards the fag end of the twenty first century, they belong to a primitive pre-historic age, The Drive is scenic and Tsokar lake is one of the best.
Tso kar Lake is easy to access and lies at a distance of 160 km from Leh. It lies 30 km west from Leh-Manali Road and 540 km from Srinagar.