Nubra valley

Journey across the highest motorable road in the world

Nubra ‘the valley of flowers’ is located in the north of Leh around 120 kms across Khardung La (18,380ft), the world’s highest motorable road. Nubra used to be an important trade center on the famous silk route leading from Leh to Kashgar through the two passes of Saser and Karakoram.

The main attractions of this region are the Bactrian camels (double humped camels), Khardung-La Pass (world’s highest motorable road at 18,380 feet), the Diskit and Samstaling monasteries and the hot springs at Panamik.

Diskit, Hundar, Panamik and Tiger are the main towns and villages of Nubra. Diskit is home to a busy and dramatically positioned Gompa. It is also the administrative center of Nubra. Hundar is the greenest of all Nubra villages. This is also the place where you can view the splendid beauty of a desert. The Bactrian camels (double humped) are found here and one can take a camel ride on the white sand dunes. Panamik village is famous for hot water springs, reputed to have therapeutic qualities.